Business to Business Integration

Connect faster with partners and suppliers

Managing business with external business partners and suppliers can be a laborious effort by companies.

Bluebird's B2B Integration solutions automate the business processes shared with business partners and allows companies to take advantage of cost savings by eliminating manual processing steps, ensuring error-free data and processes, and making processes faster, more transparent and easy to understand.

B2B Integration key features

  • Functions as a central platform and data hub for all business processes with external business partners and suppliers – large or small
  • Supports all major communication protocols including EDI, EBICS, AS2, FTP, HTTP, sFTP, IBM Connect:Direct
  • EDI processing – can process all major EDI standard data e.g. ANSI-X12, EDIFACT, SWIFTNet, CII, ACH etc
  • Data translation of all the data into the required formats using a mapping tool, controls processes in accordance with configurable rules and interlinks all the major ERP systems and monitors those processes
  • Automates these processes and provides visibility into data and processes shared with external partners
  • Can be used for the secure and traceable transfer of all types of secure data, taking into account both internal company policies and IT compliance requirements
  • Allows fast and efficient onboarding of new business partners

Security, auditability, and control features

  • Edge security included for B2B and Managed File Transfer transactions
  • Supports secure communications via FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SFTP, AS2, AS3, EBICS, and IBM Sterling Connect:Direct protocols
  • Comprehensive authentication services, including single sign-on, LDAP, and local user authentication
  • Multiple encryption standards (PGP, SSL, TLS, S/MIME)
  • Encryption of data for both in-flight and at-rest files

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