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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
Point-to-point file transfer software optimised for high-volume, assured data delivery of files within and between enterprises.

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IBM WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition
Reliable, enterprise wide file transfer software using messaging that leverages IBM WebSphere MQ.

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IBM Sterling File Gateway
An SOA based solution which allows you to incorporate your file transfer communities into all your business processes and incorporates web-based interfaces for customer self-service and rapid onboarding.

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IBM Sterling Control Center
A management solution for all your file transfer activity and associated Service Level Agreements.

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IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
An application proxy for securing file transfers across your organisation’s demilitarized zone (DMZ).

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IBM Aspera
Managed file transfer over long distances at accelerated speeds.

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A managed service to provide you with the capability for file based business interactions with trading partner/s. Implemented on your company’s premises or via cloud, no in-house technical expertise of IBM MFT is required to set up or manage.

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