Managed File Transfer

Secure transfer of business-critical data

Companies are exchanging structured and unstructured data in ever-increasing amounts which can present issues such as:

  • Huge transfers clogging companies’ networks

  • Lack of control and visibility of data movement

  • Risks to data security

  • Meeting compliance requirements for data movement

  • Lengthy timescales to onboard new partners

Bluebird specialises in helping companies move their sensitive data securely - within and between organisations. We do this using industry leading IBM MFT technology deployed by numerous organisations across the world – from large international banks to small-to-medium enterprises.

The reason they choose IBM MFT is because it’s proven, reliable and they don’t want to take the risk of compromising their business critical data.

Our MFT solutions provide  the advanced features now expected and needed to move data securely and efficiently to comply with increasing regulation by:

  • Assured data movement

  • Centralised control

  • Accelerated transport

  • Advanced security features

  • Regulatory audit capabilities

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